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8 Best Top Load Washers 2021

There’s something wonderfully familiar about a top load washer. Its design is very straightforward, and known for making both modern and traditional laundry rooms feel complete. Its drum is also very easy to maintain, since it typically attracts less mildew than a front-loading machine, and any excess water can evaporate through the top door. Inside, you’ll find […]

Best 8 Portable Washing Machines 2021

Say goodbye to laundromat trips, kitchen sink takeovers, and overfilled laundry bags in your suitcase. Portable washing machines do the job of full-sized models, but prioritize space and convenience with the help of caster wheels, compact dimensions, and hand-powered agitators. They’re typically smaller and less powerful, but shouldn’t be underestimated. As long as you have […]

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